Offer Your Gratitude to His Divine Holiness
Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam







Vahanotsavam or Rathothsavam

This seva is the offering of the traditional chariot, or vehicle for Swamiji’s grand processions. Traditional vahanas (vehicles) are the rides of the Gods themselves, Ganesha’s Mooshika(mouse), Subrahmanya’s Mayura(peacock), Surya’s Shata Ashwa Ratham (Chariot driven by 7 horses), Vishnu’s Garuda(Eagle), Devi’s Simha(Lion), and Shiva’s Nandi(Bull). Other vahanas include, Ravana Vahana, Kailasha Vahana, Kalpavruksha Vahana, and last but not least the 33 foot tall traditional temple Chariot. All these Vahanas are made by skilled craft persons, who have been making these cars for generations. 

When you offer this seva to The Avatar, He will:

  • Destroy all you competions, all you enemies will lose their enmity towards you. 
  • Bring tremendous success in your professional life. 
  • Deliver victory in any elections or promotions you looking to have.