Offer Your Gratitude to His Divine Holiness
Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam







Thomala Seva

Thomala means garland of fragrant flowers. For ages, this tradition of tying flower garlands existed in Vedic (ancient Hindu) civilization and is even referred to as a specific art in the 64 arts dictated by Paramashiva. Thomala seva is the seva performed directly adorning His Divine Holiness with a garland. The garlands are specially made by His disciples, and are brought with a lighted torch in a procession to the rhythmic beat of Jeganta (handy bells) and offered to Him. Each garland is of specific size and is consigned for a specific place on the body of  His Divine Holiness.  

Offering this seva to HDH will: 

  • Fill your life is the fragrance of the Guru’s grace. 
  • Receive the blessings for the blossoming of new beginnings in your life.