Offer Your Gratitude to His Divine Holiness
Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam







Pratyaksha Paada Puja

This is the offering of puja to the feet of His Divine Holiness. All the Vedic scriptures proclaim that the essence of being in a human body is being in the The Avatar’s breathing space of the The Avatar and worshiping His feet. During this puja a strong connection with the The Avatar gets established and very deep healing effect along with the awakening of Kundalini happens. These rarest moments happen in a person’s life only once in hundreds of life times. 

The time duration of Prathyaksha Pada Puja is shodashopacharya puja where 16 offerings are offered to the masters feet. 

When you offer  this seva to HDH

  • Will bring a deep healing that will bring you up from any ill health or depression. : 
  • Your mind will simply become still and you experience the grace of the cosmos  as you sit in upanishad at the feet of the master.
  • You will reclaim you birthright of abundance and joy if you life.