Offer Your Gratitude to His Divine Holiness
Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam







Maheshwara Puja 

This is the offering of food to the His Divine Holiness along with His monastic disciples. Offering of Maheshwara Puja is one of the oldest recorded ritual in the Vedic tradition. Offering food to the HDH is equal to feeding ten thousand hungry people.  This is offered to help the departed soul rest in peace and gift Enlightenment to the soul. The blessings are not only limited to your ancestors, even you descendants will be blessed by His Divine Holiness.

When you offer  this seva to HDH, He will

-deliver your forefathers and foremothers into Swamij and they will merge into him with enlightenment. 

-take care that all you relationships function with an extraordinary understand and grace.