HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, leader of  SHRIKAILASA the only Hindu Nation, issued a strong statement today condemning what he termed as growing discrimination against Hindus and Hinduism on social media networks such as Twitter™, Facebook™ and Instagram™. Speaking to an audience of technologists he said  Facebook™ has done an admirable job in censoring posts against certain communities and ensuring some forms of political manipulation don’t happen on their platform. He requested that such diligence be extended to abuses against Hindu Gods and Goddesses and subjects that are sensitive to Hindus.


One of the problems is that, he said, non Hindus including atheist groups in Tamil Nadu and communists pretend to be Hindu insiders, while their only interest in Hinduism is to abuse it. Such actions against other religions should not be tolerated and these posts must be identified as hate speech and deleted. It is also possible, he said, that the automated algorithms and system used by Facebook™ and Twitter™ have developed inherent biases against Hinduism and it is possible that the selection bias when recruiting support staff results in hiring people who amplify the inherent anti Hindu bias among sections of the population.


HDH concluded with the demand that as the defenders of neutrality and freedom, all social media platforms do some serious introspection and conduct a very open, honest analysis of their system to expose these biases which result in the unfair application of community standards in censoring posts by Hindu activists while at the same time refusing to take down extreme hate speech and defamatory content against Hindus and Hinduism